This month has marked our third birthday here at Hands on Health, Sheffield. What an amazing three years it has been too. We have some great clients and some great community support.

Happy birthday to us, Hand son Health, Sheffield                                    Happy birthday to us. Hands on Health, Sheffield                                           Happy birthday to us. Hands on Health, Sheffield

Here Katie reflects back on the last three years and what is left to come!

Happiness is a funny thing

It’s obviously a very personal thing, what is happiness to you is different to what is happiness to me.  But we all like having happiness, or being happy, and to some degree we are all looking for it.

If I look back on the last 3 years I feel very, very happy indeed.  Although it hasn’t all been according to plan.  I have learnt some amazing, interesting, fun, not so fun, challenging lessons in that time.  In the moment sometimes I would have preferred not to have the that lesson thanks very much, I’d just like the solution.

Can I bypass the hard bit and get back to the good stuff?  

Obviously not because that’s the point of a lesson! That’s a bit like saying “can I be a member of your studio and just become more flexible without attending any classes?”.  Rather conveniently I just forget about the hard stuff and only remember the good stuff (that’s actually a really good NLP technique to help you remember difficult times with emotions you want rather than falling into negativity).

I’m a very big picture person, I can see the end result, or at least 5 – 10 years into the future.  

I struggle with 5 – 10 months into the future.  I can see where Hands on Health is going, what I would like us to do and how and who we offer our services to.  My strengths are creating the future of the business, planning the service (or daydreaming as I refer to it) and delivering the service.

Planning the marketing, full team strategy, day to day stuff is not my cup of tea.

We are currently having a bit of a recruitment drive for a new manager, new therapists and teachers.  I’m really excited to welcome new people to our team and help them develop into the client centred professionals that is important to my personal values and the values I have created for Hands on Health.

I am looking for a manager that can take care of the day to day business and the yearly planning.  This means I can go out and do some research on classes and treatments and how other people provide their services. This means lots of massage, yoga and Pilates for Katie!  All in the name of research you know 😉  I haven’t done much market research because it never really interested me how other people provide their services, it only really matters what my clients want to experience so if I ask them and provide what they want I’m winning!  It also felt like a luxury rather than a necessity (which is what I know many of you are thinking about massage – because you’ve told us!)

One of the best quotes I ever heard when I was early in my career was “no one cares what you know, until they know that you care”.

It stuck with me.  Everyone wants to feel listened to and they want you to help them.  Never have I ever been asked for my certificates or experience but I have always been the trainer, teacher an therapist that’s asked lots of questions about my client.  That’s probably why I have been so popular.

The more I know about you the easier it is to help you (and I’m really nosy!).

That’s why we keep asking you why you come to us for classes and treatments, all the feedback we ask for after the classes, treatments and workshops.  When we know what you enjoy we can provide it, or more of it.I care a lot for all of our members and clients and it is important to me that everyone feels listened to, supported and welcomed by all of our team members.

Before I started recruiting and interviewing I thought that everyone worked like me – why wouldn’t you?!  

But obviously they don’t – and that’s why I have a thriving business and they are applying for a job!  This has led me to create a great training and development programme for new teachers and therapists so that they work in line with our values and believe in our mission. When I go and attend other people’s classes and treatments it will give me a good idea of whether or not they’re a fit for us, then I might be able to bring them into HOH for us.

The rest of 2019!

We have planned our year of workshops now and social events are to follow.  If you have any suggestions or social events please let us know what you want.  Our last meal our at the Admiral Rodney was really great and many more of you wanted to come but had other things on.  A Gin Night is always suggested so we’ll make that happen this Autumn.  Have a look at our Events and Workshops page to find out what we have coming up.

Client Socials

We have our Jolly Walk to the Pub this weekend and its going to be a beautiful sunny day, perfect for walking.  We’re going to take the train to Edale, walk up Kinder Scout – about 4 miles up then come back down again.  Walk straight into the pub and have a few drinks, before heading off on the train home.  when we were doing our Yorkshire 3 Peaks training walk we had walked past some lovely pubs but didn’t have the time to stop.  So we decided we’d make sure we came back and enjoy the hospitality.  Everyone is welcome – non members and four legged friends too.

The walk will be slow but rocky and a steady climb.  If you don’t want to do 8 miles you can always go back and have an extra drink in the pub while we finish off. If you want to join us please book yourself on our booking app so I know who to email with meeting and train times.

Thank you all for your continued support and enjoyment of Hand on Health.

I sometimes have a little moment in class or in the treatment room where I think “I teach yoga/do massage, for living.  That’s my job…”  Some poor souls have to go to an office, or have a boss or something.  I don’t!!

All because of you. 3 years is going to turn into 30 years, which will turn into – who knows?!