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I’m a late-comer to yoga and my goal is to move more & to KEEP everything moving. Cat’s classes are great for that. She is really good at talking us through the different poses (and the adaptations, when my body says “no!”) It’s also a relaxed environment and a great bit of “me” time, when I can forget the world outside for an hour.
Kate, aged 66 and 3/4, Sheffield 6

I have been a member of HoH for over two years. I appreciate the range and timing of classes, and different styles of teaching. My favourite film is ‘Some Like it Hot’. The very last line is ‘Well, nobody’s perfect’, which reflects the approach of the HOH team to our varied capabilities, ages and outfits.
Elizabeth W

Since I joined Hands on Health, I am feeling much better physically and mentally, I love the community, lots of different people from different background. Everyone is friendly and supportive.

I love the choice of classes, of which yoga flow and restorative yoga are my favourite, it’s also great that you can mix it up with Pilates and you can have a massage if it all gets too much.

Louisa M, 41

Fitter than any-time in my life, approaching 60 years old next year, that is down to you and HOH environment you have created.
Neil G

Katie and her team offer a very diverse range of activities that can accommodate most people of any fitness level. When I first started I had to use a walking stick and couldn’t get off the floor without the aid of a chair.  With Pilates, Yoga, massages and other Holistic therapies, as well as recently strength and conditioning, I feel a like more flexible, stronger and more able to move with ease. I love it, and made a lot of friends along the way.

Elaine F, 64

With the help of Katie and her team I am getting back my strength and mobility safely pushing my body within my limits. I feel like a new woman! The workshops and holistic treatments whilst beneficial are very enjoyable.

HoH has created a safe and welcoming space no matter what your ability or experience. It’s so much more than just ‘a yoga class’.

Pam, 66

Coming to classes has been getting me up when really I could just stay in bed and read, it’s been improving my mood no end; it’s been strengthening those muscles in my strange start to retirement; it’s been something great that I’ve shared with a whole group of lovely people; some of whom I’ve seen out of class, most it’s just great to have seen and heard them in classes. Mostly though it has been your positivity, humour, empathy (!! yes empathy!) drive and reliability that has been so brilliant.
Philippa R

The HOH team are really friendly. Class sizes are small and the teachers remember your name and your ailments, so they don’t ask you to do anything beyond your capabilities. All the teachers have a good sense of humour and are very down-to-earth. HOH differs from other centres in that the teachers will ask the class if there is anything anyone wants to particularly work with that session and they will incorporate it into the class. You are also given ample time to experiment with a posture or movement to discover how it works best for your body and you are given tips to improve the position or movement.
Lyn C

One of the things I like most about Hands on Health is that whether you are looking for a couple of yoga or Pilates classes a week or many more, therapeutic or sports massage, strengthening classes, alternative therapies, all kinds of well being workshops, a walking group and/or a local supportive community, Katie and her team provide all this and more!
Jackie P, 63


I love my visits to Hands on Health. I started coming for some deep tissue massage after a nasty break to my wrist and the treatments and advice I received really helped me get a lot more movement and strength back. Since then I have tried out some other treatments and I see every visit as a gift, always coming away refreshed and relaxed. I can’t recommend the team enough.
Charlotte C

I came for a massage and had been bought a voucher. I liked how the masseuse tailored my massage to me. Paying attention to areas I had mentioned I had problems or tightness in. I now have Pain free shoulders and looser calves!
Hollie G, 33, HIllsborough

I come regularly for Reflexology treatments, mainly for relaxation but always helps me with ailments. It is so relaxing and de-stresses me and it is helping me to sleep through the night.
Nicola T, 52, S6

I came for a Muscle-eze Back, Neck and Shoulder treatment. Katie made me feel at ease and explained what she was doing throughout the massage. She identified the specific problem areas , adjusting the intensity when necessary. I felt the massage was tailored specifically to my needs and not a generic ‘one style suits’ all procedure. After the procedure I felt a lot of the tension around my neck and shoulders had been released. I was concerned that the massage would aggravate my symptoms. It didn’t.
Diane C, 63, S6

I have aches and pains and I find massage therapeutic and enjoyable. Great massage, lovely aromas, lovely atmosphere, first class masseuse. The best result is relaxation, ease of pain in muscles and joints. Just that the fact a keep coming back for more is testament to the service at HoH and the abilities of all staff from the welcome through the treatment.
Tim, 56, S6

I come for Reflexology because I have hip pain, mobility issues. I want to have pain relief and improvement in mobility. I get pain relief following treatment lasting 6- 10hrs. Practical self help skills to do at home, given.
Vincent G, 85, S6

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