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  • Want to feel the benefits of meditation but don’t know where to start?
  • Feel like you’ll never turn your brain off to be able to meditate ‘properly?
  • Want to meditate to benefit your mental health?
The benefits of meditation sound wonderful, but what happens when you’re really stressed and anxious and don’t know how to start meditation?
Or when you sit down to try and listen to a youtube meditation you can’t pay attention because your mind keeps wandering off?
In our meditation course you will learn different techniques and types so that you can pick and choose depending on what time and energy you have available for your meditation.
Meditation isn’t all chanting and Ohms.  It can be a quiet contemplation or slowing down of the thoughts in a way that is right for you.  It isn’t religious or spiritual, although there are meditations that are religious or spiritual.
We call it a meditation practice because it takes time, patience and practice to find a type and time of meditation that is right for you.  It might be 10 mins a couple of times a week, it might be 30 mins a day.  It’s really up to you.
This is a 7 week course of 60 min sessions where you can explore a practice that is right for you, in our peaceful studio.
£130 (£117 members)
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Dates: Wednesdays, 07/09, 14/09, 21/09, 28/09, 05/10, 12/10, 19/10
Time:  9:30 – 10:30am
Max 8 people
Future Workshop Schedule:
All workshops are Satrudays, 1 – 3pm, unless stated, £30 non members
– Meditation, for Beginners, 24th September
– Functional Yoga, 8th October
– Using a Foam Roller to loosen tight muscles, 5th November
– Pilates Conditioning, 9th November

“I really enjoyed the balance and feisty feet workshop. I’ve found that my balance is much improved with all the yoga I’ve done with the HOH team, and the advice to wear walking shoes instead of boots has really helped my knees, using the ankles more takes the pressure off my knees. Keep up the good work HOH team.”

Fiona Ludditt, HOH Member

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