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Age Well Open Day    Saturday, June 15th, 1 – 4pm

We help people have better body confidence by teaching them exercises and stretches in our classes that are great for a 40+ year old mind and body!
Body confidence is being able to rely on your body when you need it, and want it!
Classes include:
Better Balance – mobility and foot work to use at home to better your balance
Pilates – hip, back and shoulder strengthening with slow, targeted exercises
Yoga – stress and tension relieving for mind and body
Strength Training for 40+  – for strong bones and a strong body

This open day is perfect for you if you are:

  • a complete beginner
  • over 40 and starting to feel aches and stiffness that you’ve been told is ‘age related’
  • want to be able to rely on your body to do all the activities you enjoy, without worrying ‘your back will go’
  • returning to Pilates/yoga/exercise after some time off
  • the lynch pin of the family and searching for time for yourself to clear your mind out and feel better in yourself. 


We want to show you that spending time with us WILL help you feel better and allow you to support your family in a way that’s right for you.

Our members are active people, intelligent and understand the value in investing in their health.  They enjoy exercise but don’t want to join a gym.  Young in their mind they want to continue to enjoy a relatively active life.

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“I really enjoyed the balance workshop. I’ve found that my balance is much improved with all the yoga I’ve done with the HOH team, and the advice to wear walking shoes instead of boots has really helped my knees, using the ankles more takes the pressure off my knees. Keep up the good work HOH team.”

Fiona Ludditt, HOH Member

Want to try a class with us?

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