Our Classes

We are lucky that we can offer our clients access to a great range of classes throughout the week. We keep our class sizes small so that we can help each and every member when needed.

We currently have a mixture of online and studio based classes until all Covid19 restrictions are gone.

If you’re not sure which class is right for you, give us a call on 07714 785 431, and we will discuss with you what you want out of class and help you decide which one to try dependant on your needs. 

Pilates or Yoga?

Many of our clients ask us what the difference is between Yoga and Pilates, when they are trying to find out what will work best for them.  They are very similar types of exercise and have the same aim – they’re both designed to help you move better, improve your body awareness and feel better.

The most basic difference is that in Pilates you move through an exercise – repetitions, like muscle conditioning or mobility, and in yoga we hold a stretch.


Pilates was created by a man called Joseph Pilates, who was influenced by yoga and other forms of exercise.  It is a series of exercises that are designed to strengthen the smaller muscles in your body – that support your skeleton, unlike traditional gym-based exercise which is more for the bigger muscles in your body.

We do repetitions of each exercise to help mobilise your body and strengthen muscles. 

We cover all movements and important muscles, especially back and abdominal muscles because these can help us reduce back aches and pains.

Cardio Pilates

This is an intermediate class and great if you want to pick up the pace of your regular class and challenge yourself.  We move through the traditional Pilates exercises with a little more pace and difficulty.  Expect to get out of breath in this one.


Is all about the physical postures and stretches.  We have a relaxation at the beginning and end of the class so that you can switch off from the rest of the world and concentrate on yourself.  Then at the end you can properly relax.

The poses and stretches we do are designed to help you move better and feel better. 

Each class covers all aspects of movement and you can make the poses and stretches easy for yourself or you can work hard in them – it’s up to you.  You don’t need to know the names of the poses and you don’t need to remember if we tell you!

Cardio Yoga

This class is suitable for all levels – even beginners.  You don’t need to have any knowledge of yoga – or the names of the poses, just a desire to move and stretch.  This class will definitely get you tones and supple.  We will be keeping the same routine for 3 months so with regular practice you will know the routine and be able to work as hard as you like, or as easy as you like – depending on how you feel.

Want to try a class with us?

If you would like to come along and try a free first class with us here at Hands on Health. Get in touch with us today!