Pilates is system of exercises that combine mental and physical conditioning. The basics are posture, breathing, pelvic floor and core stability/mobility. It focuses on strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight areas. Many of the postural problems we encounter today down to our modern lifestyle – especially desk based or driving jobs.

According to PilatesDay.org World Pilates Day is an annual, international, community event celebrated on the first Saturday of May every year. The Pilates Day mission is to foster the public’s appreciation and awareness of the Pilates Method through a network of varied, innovative, and high quality grassroots Pilates events accessible and affordable for all.

World Pilates Day Logo 2019To celebrate this wonderful event, here at Hands on Health we have a full afternoon of workshops and classes planned for everyone to come and join in with. Whether you are a member already, you are interested in Pilates or you just want to come along and find out more we welcome people of all ages and abilities.

Our Classes and Workshops will include:

  • Beginners Pilates Class 1230-1315 (12 spaces available)
  • Back Pain Workshop 1330-1350 (16 spaces available)
  • Pilates for 50+ 1415-1500 (12 spaces available)
  • Pelvic Floor Workshop 1515-1535 (16 spaces available)
  • Pelvic Floor Pilates 1600-1645 (12 spaces available).

Join us for taster Reflexology Treatments:

  • Current members – We will be holding Free 30 minute reflexology treatments from 1015-1200.
  • For World Pilates Day Attendees – We will be holding Free 15 minute reflexology sessions from 1400-1700.

Spaces are limited so please book today!

To book into a taster class, workshop or taster reflexology treatment on the day you can;

  1. Simply fill in our online ‘Free Taster Class’ form on our homepage.
  2. Or text us on 07714 785 431.