Hello and welcome to Hands on Health, feeling better starts here

We have just opened our first studio in Hillsborough, Sheffield and we offer a range of different classes and treatments that will help you find the solutions to your joint aches and pains, find some time and space for yourself and enjoy a friendly social atmosphere.

We have treat and taught many people with back pain and we have even had back pain ourselves so we know how you feel. We also know that the more you move your body the better it will feel.

Just simple mobility exercises such as pelvic tilts, spine twists and side bends, done carefully and regularly, can reduce your pain significantly. If you’re ever unsure what to do you can call us and ask for advice. We’ve seen it all.

Top Three Tips to get rid of back pain NOW!

  1. Take painkillers. If you’ve been prescribed something for pain then take it. If you haven’t you can ask your pharmacist for advice. Taking your pain killers means you can move without pain. When you can move without pain you can start to contract muscles around the source of pain, which will increase blood flow to the area AND heal damaged tissue faster (if there is any damage).
  2. Don’t be still for too long. If you have a desk based or driving job make sure you take plenty of short breaks to change your position. Our bodies don’t like to be still for too long.
  3. Do some simple mobility exercises: Pelvic tilts, spine twists, side bends. You can’t do them too often! You can ask us how to do these exercises or come along to a class where you will have the hawk eye of our teachers making sure you move well.

We are passionate about educating people on how to move better and move out of pain.