1.  You can wear your normal clothes
It will probably have absorbed into your skin before you redress, but you might not want to wear your Sunday best!  The oil is best left on your skin.

2.  Be Clean
It is better if you don’t shower after your treatment because you need to leave the products on your skin – face and body.  The products will absorb into clean skin better and you’ll smell great!

3.  Arrive 5 – 10 mins early and bring your glasses!
Come in and let reception know you have a treatment booked.  They will show you upstairs and give you a health form to fill out.

4.  Tell us what you would like
Have you got a particular problem?  Tell us if you have specific areas of tension if you’re having a massage.  Tell us if you have any health issues that our would like holistic advice on, or if you have any skin problems you would like our help with.

5.  Tell us things you think are irrelevant
Another ache or pain that has developed at the same time, a recent fall, a traumatic accident or injury, even if not recent.  They can all play a part in current problems, it gives us a trail to follow and the more we know the easier it is to find the route of the problem and remedy it.

6.  Ask Questions
If you want to know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, ask!  We LOVE our jobs and love talking about what we find, why it might be causing a problem for you and what we’re doing to do about it.

7.  Don’t be shy – but if you feel uncomfortable please tell us.
We see all types of body and different parts of it.  We always try and maintain your dignity during treatment and normally will only have the body part we are working on uncovered.  There are some exceptions to this.  We are not judging the way you look, we are only looking at how you move and why this is causing you a problem.

8.  It shouldn’t hurt, tell us if it does!
Despite what people think sports massage shouldn’t hurt.  There maybe some discomfort when we are working on tender areas but you can tell us to stop or ease off and we will.  We probably will have noticed that you’re screwing your hands up or wriggling in discomfort – but if you’re a good actor, tell us if you want us to stop.

9.  Tell us what you enjoyed
Massage should be enjoyable and the best results come when you are relaxed.  Some techniques feel great, especially the stretching ones, tell us and we’ll help you relax more.

10.  If you don’t think you’ll remember your exercises tell us
We don’t just give out exercises willy nilly!  They are normally because we know that strength of a muscle is the issue and that will take your pain away.  We write your exercises on our notes so that we remember what we’ve given you.  The best thing to do is take a picture of it and save it on your phone.  OR we can video you doing your exercises so you have a record.

11.  Don’t plan on exercising after.
A massage or Sports Injury Treatment is most effective after a workout.  Going to the gym or for a run will only undo all of our hard work!  Going to a yoga or Pilates class would be ideal because you’re joints will be able to move easier and you’ll get the most out of the exercises and poses.